Saturday, March 9, 2013

nest notes{current fave health products}


last year it seemed we were sick every single week.
SO FAR, this year we have been fortunate enough to maintain our health for most of this cold & flu season.
a couple of weeks ago we had our 1st sniffles of the season, nothing to bad though other than a mild sore throat &nasal yucks.
we got a jump start on the season with these products
(& healthy foods!)
1. yogi echinacea immune support tea (Fresh & Easy) & tons of hot liquids.
2. emergen-c (Costco size jumbo pack)at least one pack a day.
3. clean well warm vanilla hand sani spray. (Fresh & Easy) cleans hands & kills germs without all the yuckie ingredients. (actually smells more like thyme)
4. fisherman's friend lozenges(Amazon)these concentrated tablets are amazing at clearing nasal passage ways & soothing sore throats.
5. LOTS of raw garlic thrown into everything possible (paired with (olive)oil or fat to prevent stomach upset).
i even used both of these both of these raw garlic methods to cure an ear ache. within 20 minutes of using the whole clove in my ear the pain subsided & with the garlic oil it was almost completely gone the next day. super happy about this one since i get a earache with my hormone induced migraine every month.
other tips:
*decreased sugar consumption
*warm brothy soups with raw garlic added last, ginger & fresh herbs
*hot liquids i even drink mugs of warmed water, lemon water, ginger water or combination
*plenty of rest
*layering & bundling up
*sunlight & fresh air (open windows for a few chilly minutes, or go for a walk in the sunshine & fresh cool air).
fave winter beauty products here

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