Thursday, February 24, 2011

i heart my doggies {a special winter coat treat}

I heart my doggies!

yesterday i took the big doggie girls to the self wash. it was a fun little outing & a few mile walk in the sunshine.
But man the bath took about 2 hours & was ALOT of work. their hair just kept coming out. i had to unclog the drain like 20 times.  when we were done the place was covered from floor to ceiling with hair.
the guy said "this was the longest dog wash EVER!" & "i've never seen a dog shed so much"
(me either sir!)
don't know if it's the new food we are trying or the major change in temps, but this morning i made my girls a special treat to help get their winter coats back in shape & help with the shedding.
back home in So Cal the weather changes are milder, they feast on our avocados & get other goodies like flax, omega oils, etc...
i was very surprised to learn that raw eggs were not good for dogs (like everyone, including me thought), but are great when they are cooked.
i actually like cooking for them (anyone really).
after i cooked turkey sausage for our breakfast, i used the same skillet & fried one egg each for the girls in olive oil. added a omega-3 fish oil tablet & plopped it all on top of their food. (don't worry i shared a few bites with little Ollie too).
a cooked egg a few times a week & the fish oils daily should do the trick in time!

think they enjoyed it?

our old girl Kahlua...loves ALL things food!

our new girl Mahalo loved it too.
she came to us in October...
 (after A LOT of work)
  she's a keeper :)

it was gone before i could even snap the pic!
Kahlua's has always has major shedding. i heard about this brush, did some research, read the reviews & i am thinking it may be a good investment.

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