Tuesday, February 22, 2011

our gluten & dairy belly blues experiment

can not believe im posting this pic that makes me look like im totally pregnant [not.a.chance]
but ....
...it shows my point.
i've had stomach probs for years & my 5 yo ALWAYS complains about her stomach, but even more so recently. i thought she just had a nervous stomach.
 about a month ago i felt absolutely terrible, bloating, nausea, stomach aches esp at night, etc...(i'll spare the details).
i started researching gluten, celiacs disease (which is becoming extremely common in my age group), wheat intolerance etc...& journaling what 3 & i ate.
i self diagnosed the two of us. then decided to go gluten-free, we're not dairy people but cutback even more on dairy & coffee for me (even though i only drank 1/2 a cup occasionally not daily).
(also with my water keifer in addition)
with the way we eat, it was actually pretty easy. i'm a label reader anyway. trying new products is fun for me as is coming up with new food ideas. 

within just a few days we felt tons better. even the physical transformation was amazing. FLATTER STOMACH!!! 
AHA! right?

BUT in order to prove the test, this week i added gluten & little dairy back.
you get the picture above & we feel terrible again! 
so after a little detoxing 3 & i are slowly going as gluten & dairy free as we possibly can. 
(except for plain yogurt maybe).

*according to my research you should not remove gluten from your diet unless you are bothered by it & the others don't seem to be affected (except that one guy, but he wont admit it!)

*ok, ok...i will admit to putting on a few pounds this trip...unlike our little So Cal village THERE'S TAKE OUT HERE & we've been visiting our faves!!! AAAAND my mama's delish homecooking...she fries everything, bakes the best desserts & LOVES her chili dogs nights & fish fry!

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  1. i worked out i was gluten intolerant a few years ago deb, and had similar problems. I can eat most stuff, but have to steer clear of white flour in bread/cookies etc.. well done finding out the problem, life's so much easier when you know! 'Rice Rice Baby' for me now! haha