Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{visiting back home}lots of reading

{visiting back home}
lots of reading
without all of our normal obligations we are enjoying lots of reading time.
here's some of it.
  • daily Bible reading & study...(im trying!)
  • we are listening to Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry on cd as part of our black history study. the girls had NO clue. they ask to listen to these cd's. they listen very quietly & attentively as they find the topics discussed & history all very interesting.
  • finished Snow Falling on Cedars (FINALLY!)
  • currently The Five Love Languages of Children...love it! it's such an eyeopener to see things from the unique perspective (love language) your child uses to communicate love. part of this post.
  • next & also currently The Heart of a Woman. my goal this year is to read only african american authors or books. got the idea from ebony mags essential african american library list of books
{while we are away from our So Cal home}
the week after we left Grrrrr!

 we like, the rest of our little village (which is rather opposed to growth mind you), have been watching it progress from the very beginning in either anticipation or opposition.
make no mistake we are thoroughly excited!
the library has become one our fave resources.
i wont give it all away yet, but it LEED certified & has a super cool living roof im dying to see.
besides the beach it is one of the 1st places we cant wait to go to when we get home!

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