Thursday, February 17, 2011

{visiting back home}water keifer

{visiting back home}
water keifer grains
& one my new faves

can you see the water keifer grains on the bottom?
i call them my babies.

(they badly need to be separated & shared so they can keep growing healthfully, im waiting on my jars to be delivered)

i've been doing research on keifer & all its healthy goodness (see link below)to help with my stomach issues as well as other benefits, but i did not want to use milk keifer grains.
i was so happy that my friend shared her water keifer grains with me.
we keep ours on our living kitchen counter lab, out of sunlight.
after about 3-5 day the fermented water is drained.
this is the finished product that goes into the fridge & is ready to drink.
to us it tastes like sweetened green tea soda (though it doesn't smell like it).
the girls love it & ask for it everyday.
 it has helped my stomach immensely (3's too).

after collecting the drink, the grains are rinsed. 1/3 cup of organic cane sugar (i'm going to try honey or agave one day)& 3/4 jar of water is all it takes to restart the process, shake it up & return the grains to the jar
& return back to the fermenting spot.

find much more thorough info, recipes & instructions here

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