Sunday, February 27, 2011

martha's delish strata...but my style :)


today our family had a funeral brunch for my Grandmother's brother.
i never follow recipes (accept for baking), but i used
recipe loosely as a guide...then pimped it.
i have made this dish different ways & it's great for bringing.

so what's different?
(sorry i HATE typing recipes, so you will have to refer to the link above)

*of course i have more people to serve so i increased all the ingredients. i decided to add even more cheese too.
*i used a mexican cheese blend along with the parm.
*i tore the english muffins into pieces too make them go farther. which makes the strata into more of a casserole.
*i used turkey breakfast sausage instead of canadian bacon. have used turkey bacon & turkey ham before.
*i sauteed a white onion & bellpepper before i browned the turkey sausage. cooled it & added it to the milk & egg mix. usually i add other veggies or a jalapeno at this step too.
*i also added ortega chilis, a dash of soy sauce & garlic powder to the milk & eggs mix. usually i add worcestchire sauce, but i dont have any here.
*for full effect i let it all soak in in the fridge overnight.

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