Tuesday, June 7, 2011

cute summer hair{nia long}

cute hair{nia long}
what do u guys think?

i think this would look so cute on me, esp in the summer.
 im reeeeally thinking about it.
 i have shaved my head down to the scalp & loved it.
i have a very cute head. 
 (if i find a pic i'll share it)
 surprisingly He LOVED IT!
it's the girlies who like my hair long even if it's in a sad ponytail all the time & it drives me crazy! 
also from where i live it's a 4 hour salon trip & short hair requires regular salon upkeep...
but im seriously contemplating going for it.


  1. you could totally pull that off for sure

  2. youd look great in that do Deb!