Friday, June 3, 2011

teacher appreciation gifts pt1{Amish Friendship Bread}

teacher appreciation gifts pt1

{Amish Friendship bread starters}
we made a little thank you gift for our very hardworking charter school teachers.
they work so So SO hard...have no clue how they do it!
Amish Friendship Bread is a fun & super easy sweet bread that you keep a little for yourself & share the rest with friends.
there are many variations & if you keep it going, you will always have a delish sweet treat.
3 & i used this easy recipe to make the bread starters.
AFB also makes a great homeschooling craft activity & lesson.
(measuring, reading, counting, adding, spelling, science (fermentation, combining solid & liquids & oils, chemical reaction, etc...)even a little history)

for each gift we printed out the recipe & instructions & labeled the starters.
i was going to print out cute labels, but 3 insisted.
we think they were much cuter this way anyway ;)
very small but sweet token of our great appreciation!

*a friend shared her AFB with us. yesterday 3 & i made chocolate chip, pecan/walnut, cinnamon AFB with it.
it was so delish, i kept saying i would take pix later...this morning both loaves are gone! THAT GOOD! 

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