Wednesday, June 8, 2011

License Plate Fun{ & summer activity}

License Plate Fun
(YAAAY! the last work sample of the year)
we've been playing the license plate game whenever we are out.
it's so much fun looking for the different licenses plates & keeping track of them.
 now it has become a habit.
when we see a different one i put it in my Blackberry.
(kinda dangerous i've pulled some risky maneuvers just to get close enough to read a plate. YIKES!!!)
the list was finally long enough we decided to start mapping.
we located the license plate states on our big map
 filled them in on our photocopied maps 
then colored the states in
the girls really got into the maps features & landmarks on their own.
(lakes, each state capitals, beaches, mountains, mileage scale)
some of our supplemental tools
state flashcards, Coast to Coast state trivia game, a fold out state fact map.
(all i think i got from the dollar store)
they've been using them to quiz & correct me(everyone else) so i've been learning new info too.
 i picked these books up & some other fun ideas to use over the summer.
we are going to continue learning about the 50 states one at a time.
 i printed out a fun state learning module called Cruisin' the Country.
we are going to make cardboard cars & go on a cross country road trip from our living room this summer.

when i was younger our fam drove from:
(5 of us in our Chrysler New DVD player, video games, etc...mind you)
  • Connecticut to California two different travel routes hitting & stopping in as many different states possible
  • from Texas thru New Mexico, Arizona to California a few summers (including thru Colorado once)
  • from Texas thru some of the southern states
  • from Connecticut up the East Coast including Canada & down the East Coast states(alot of weekends were spent this way)
  • from California north to Washington
  • a few others too
my Dad would stop & see ALL the sights, Universities & historical landmarks, along the way.
(i mapped them all out, but my map got ruined)
we loved the spontaneous adventures & exploring. 
as an adult i still do!
i really hope my girls will be as lucky as i was growing up.
i'm very ready to hit the road!

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  1. My girls both have similar maps to color and keep track of their license plate spotting - we've seen almost all 50 states!

    Have you read The Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller? My girls love it, and we love the game, too. They have learned so much about the states, and so have I! :)