Wednesday, June 1, 2011

fieldtrip{monarch butterflies pt 2 & tamarack beach}

Monarch Butterflies part 2 & Tamarack Beach
this one of our fave butterfly books.
 this very cute & informative story is all about going to the butterfly conservatory (even the same rules we were given). it even has 3 sisters in it. we found it funny that one of the girls on the trip actually had a butterfly land on her finger & wouldnt leave just like in the story.
the conservatory ed room.
we learned tons of interesting facts:
  • boy Monarchs only, have one black dot on each bottom wing
  • butterflies only make chrysalis not cocoons
  • Monarchs live @ 8 months, most other butterflies only live @ 1 month
  • butterflies eat thru a straw like tounge called a proboscis
  • butterflies like salty & sweet things
in the butterfly vivarium there were many different types of host plants. it was helpful to see them all in person & get more ideas to add to my own butterfly garden.
this is the  list on their website. 
 after the beautiful butterflies...the beautiful beach.
we thru together a quick lunch: left over fried chicken, carrot sticks, strawberries & some waters & enjoyed the afternoon at Tamarack Beach in Carlsbad.
pretty perfect day. 

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