Saturday, June 25, 2011

treating our hardworking Daddy {a new baking gadget & a delish dinner}

  He has been super busy mornings, days, nights & weekends even.
 so the girls & I decided to make some surprise treats for him.

{our new fave}

 we FINALLY got to try our message in a cookie cookie cutters from William-Sonoma!!!
perfect personalized cookies...once you get the hang of it!
 sorry...wont let me flip these two pix
of course we figured it out...after the very last cookie.
(have i told you before i REALLY dont bake)
we used a prepared sugar cookie dough
  • after preparing the sugar cookie dough according to instructions we chilling the dough for @ 30 mins & it made it soooo much easier to work with!
  • please make sure you check that the oven is set to the right temp by your cute little kitchen assistant before you bake an entire batch of cookies.
  • the highest temp on the package works best...too low & the dough fluffs up & erases the sweet messages to your hardworking Daddy that you love so much during baking.
  • press the cookie cutter first, THEN press the word  press FIRMLY or...the sweet messages you left to your hardworking Daddy you love so much will be erased  during baking ;(
  • laugh, enjoy your cookie & hardwork...but cover up the mistakes in frosting first.

Miss Chef 2 wanted to make Daddy some Some More Casserole for dinner using our version of his Grandma's(secret family)recipe.
 the girls set the table for us outside
it has been a Star Wars movie marathon week over here.they used our own cloth napkins (good girls!)
please note the lightsaber utensil napkin rings the girls made.

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  1. So cute. What a great idea! my girls and I did a special dinner for my husband back in May to thank him for all of his hard work for our family.

    I am one of the Three Thinking Mothers and just wanted to thank you for stopping by our site and following along! I am following you now as well!