Saturday, September 3, 2011

archives{turning 6}

3 turns 6
& not soon enough according to her!
the BEST thing about finally turning 6...the free dirt cups at Mimi's!
(& being smart enough to choose family dinner there for that very reason)
& losing your very 1st tooth.
the VERY (disgustingly)loose & wiggly one that should have come out LONG before actually turning 6, but saving it in your mouth until the exact day you turn 6.
then, without telling anyone,going into the bathroom,pulling it out & coming in the kitchen waving arms in the air yelling
"YES!!! I DID IT!!!"
that's my girl!
*6 years old means there are officially no more babies in our family. 5 to me is still kiiinda baby...but 6 is definately big kid in everyway. bittersweet, but thanks to this kid (who's more like having 5 kids at once), 6 has been a lot of FUN... & with this constantly busy, super smart ,strong-willed,sassy (etc...) girl i wouldnt have the time or energy for a baby anyway! WHEW :)

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