Saturday, September 17, 2011

turning 9 {& back in the saddle}

2 turned 9 this month & FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY her wish came true.
the time was FINALLY right for this horse loving girl to get back to her passion...

getting acquainted with the beautiful ranch...
Dinkey the Donkey (so cute!)
3 & Champ became very fast friends
one of my faves...the stunningly beautiful Gypsy

2 meets her newest best pony buddy Poppet
after an instructional safety lesson, the riding instructor tied Poppy to a golf cart & we rode all through the hills on a tour of the ranch.
along with site seeing, this was a test of 2's balance.
(staying on bareback while ducking under trees, trotting up & down hills, changing terrain, etc...) 
we got to see the ranch grounds & the different parts that they keep the over 52 horses & stallions.
2 & Poppy did very well as a team!
next weeks lesson cannot come fast enough :)

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