Friday, September 23, 2011

life learning...we just cant help it

Last Friday the girls & i did not want to move our bodies or all!
Homeschooling was NOT going to happen!
Or so we thought...

 Our high school friend Matt works for NASA & helped engineer an aircraft named SOFIA. Friday morning was their Inaugural flight to Germany. He shared the link that we could track the flight from it's beginning to it's destination. We monitored it through out the day & the girls documented the trip on maps.
It was soooooo fun in a nerdy kinda way.
I was so excited even stayed up after the girls went to bed & finished tracking the trip until they safely arrived at their destination (after 11hrs & 29 mins)
*geography accidentally done!

The girls asked if they could finally watch a video we recorded that corresponded with one of our previous history lesson in The Story of the World. This video talked mainly about Emperor Justinian & his wife Theodora. Even though we did this history lesson a while ago, the girls really remember this couple & their story, so they were completely into the video & got alot out of it.
*history accidentally done!
*caution the STOW describes Theodora as an actress & a performer...this video puts more of an adult spin on it. Caught me off guard because i didn't watch it first.

*Super Cool Mystery Tree Fungus*
We decided to go outside & stretch our legs(in an attempt to feel better about being completely lazy). 
The girls discovered this interesting & almost-pretty-in-a-creepy-kind-of-way tree fungus.
We are still working on identifying it.
(i even bought a book & can't find it, nor on the web. Any ideas???)
We did a lot of observing.
It looks very soft & squishy, but without knowing the exact type, we didn't touch it. It fills most of the trunk stump. It also has a very interesting orange-yellow-pink color.
Still investigating...
*science accidentally done!
We really tried NOT learning last Friday, we really did...but when life is so full of learning opportunities, i guess we just cant help it :)

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