Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Beverly Hills in our own backyard

we have 2 apple trees in our grove that we've been trying to identify. they blossom beautifully in the spring & produce fruit in summer & early fall. we consider these off season apples a treat since they are ripe when our faves (Honey Crisp & Fuji's) are not. giving us fresh apples year round.
in previous years the ants & birds have gotten to the cute little baby apples before we do & before they grow to size. this year they produced very well & we have been able to enjoy them. i find it such a treat to go out into our own backyard & pick something we've grown ourselves to eat.

we think these sweet & tart beauties are Beverly Hills apples

 i was so excited to happen upon this recipe book a few months ago. even though it isn't Autumn, these recipes are perfect timing for our off season apples

one of our faves :: sauteed apples. we topped english muffins with them & finished with a little whip puff

apples with bee butter (pb & honey) & raisins

we made our own strawberry applesauce w/ agave nectar. FAB!

so far the apples have been  good in sweet potato, apple & walnut muffins, topping pancakes & waffles, apple walnut bread & or just fresh out the basket .we wanted to try more recipes & can fresh batches of the versatile apple sauce, but these delicious apples don't seem to last long enough.

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