Sunday, August 1, 2010

litoria caeruleas, selachimorphas, & a cangrejo

litoria caerulea

i LOVE frogs! we've been wanting  some for our classroom & yesterday a friend donated this entire habitat to the girls. fully equipped with 3 whites tree frogs (litoria caerulea). we are SOOOOOO excited! there are a few drawbacks :: the tank is SO HUGE & we were going to split the habitat up because 3 wanted one in her room...but we discovered, while watching a movie, they love to sing at night (to opera esp). their nature song is beautiful, impressive & super L.O.U.D. i think it would scare 3 right out of her sleep at night (scared me to death!). also, they are NOT as snuggly as 3 was hoping. in order to hold them you have to wet your hands with filtered water. 3 had to adjust her expectations, but they are still THE COOLEST!


this statue of a surfer on his board is called the Carlsbad Kook. we see it driving along PCH. it gets decorated many different ways, by different local artist. this time a local artist put this grand shark around the Kook's base in the middle of the night (somehow!). it has become quite the controversy & news story but the perfect segue at our home into...

yes! SHARK WEEK! our lives have become consumed with sharky-ness. today we watched our first show to kick it off.


of course when you talk sharks everything ocean becomes part of the study. i just so happened to find this toy cangrejo in a store. 3 is in love. we went to a resturant & she asked the waitress how to say crab in spanish. cangrejo has become our favorite word. we cannot stop saying it. it's fun to just yell out :: CANGREJO!  it has been a fun lesson in rolling those r's.

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