Thursday, August 26, 2010

our heartache for little miss daisy {one of the hardest post ever}

we miss this sweet girl
{one of the hardest post ever}
this post is HARD as it is fresh & difficult to go thru let alone write about. while the girls & i were away on our last summer trip, a few hard things happened. one being our little poodles were attacked by coyotes on our courtyard. both were injured & traumatized but Daisy could not be saved. thru quick action & selfless kindness of a neighbor, she didn't suffer long & was loved &comforted to her end.
the poodles aka the married couple.
which brings me to consider finding a home for our kitty girls. at least Lovely (grey tabby) because she is not as outdoor savvy as Luna (blk & wht cow print)

{bear with me just a little more}
I'm sticking these pix in to get all the hard stuff over with. our little zoo has had a hard time year.  i had planned to blog about this a while ago, but it was also too difficult. we also had to say goodbye to mama's boy Bamm Bamm a few months ago. another one of the hardest days of our lives. we still love & miss him dearly, but after 3 years of hard work he remained unpredictable & it was not a safe situation for all our family members (human & furry) 
such a big fat love

:: who's left in our little zoo? ::

our dear old lovely girl
Prince Oliver Coco
 i spared the gruesome pix. in the heat of the attack, the neighbor opened the gate to tend to Daisy who needed immediate help, & Oliver ran off after the coyotes. Poor boy was missing for 2 days & of course we feared the worse. I've never seen such a traumatized & exhausted animal before. but with lots of TLC & a little beef liver his joyful personality is coming back & his physical wounds are slowly healing.

we are still praying & accepting prayers for healing, but thankfully we still have a few creatureblessings to love :: Kahlua, Oliver (LUCKY BOY!!!), {not pictured} mama cat Zooey,  bunny boy Carmello, our bearded dragon Zoingo, tree frogs. sounds like enough right? for safety & sake of heartbreak we have decided it is (which also may mean no chickens...or EGGS!!! I'm thinking).
 the country is a wonderful place, but for critter lovers, & admittedly city people like us, it is also a cruel heartbreaking example of the circle of life.
weird thing is i don't have any blame to place. the coyotes need to survive & were doing what they were beautifully & masterfully created to do. we are after all intruders in their original home. presently we are  just trying to heal our little ohana...& gently guide us all forward.

*thanks for letting me get this off my chest here...couldn't move forward without showing respect in honor of Little Miss Daisy's short & sweet 3 yo life. Precious Little Angel.


  1. Oh Deb...thats so sad. My thoughts are with your family. I would cry if anything happened to my cat.

  2. OH NO!!!!!!!!!! That is soooooo sad and soo scary. I can't believe they came that close to your house. She was such a cute little doggie. Give the girls hugs from me and tell them I am sorry. :o(

  3. Im sorry to hear that!! I hope the girls are hanging in there. Tell everyone that I said hello. Miss you!

  4. Thats very sad Deb, sorry to hear that, i had the same pain when our little Asterix got hit by a car earlier in the year. Pets are so part of the family.