Wednesday, August 11, 2010

what we wore wed & no spend week

i haven't yet done a "What I Wore Wednesday" linky post & wasn't planning to ever. but the girls saw someone elses post this morning & thought since we were dressed to go out it would be fun to share. so maybe just this once. my NO SPEND WEEK update is below. it's getting hard y'all.

i have to state again YES they do dress themselves, YES we go out in public this way & YES im ok with it!




had to get the skirt

mama  *the FAB necklace im wearing was made by 2. shown again below*

i've really been wanting yellow shoes. i LOVE these & luckily i found them days BEFORE NO SPEND WEEK! they need some embellishing i think. hmmm...

 the FAB necklacemade by 2. one of the peices of jewelry she
finger knitted for me. i added the vintage flower pin & wear it any chance i CUTE! she loves making pretty things.

  • we saw one of our faves Hotel For Dogs at the weekly Edward's Cinema Summer Free Movies (FREE)
  • as always we brought our own snacks (FREE)
  • after the movie we went to Barnes & Noble & BROWSED for about a hour & a half. which was actually fun. (although i wrote down some titles & found them cheaper on line...on my shopping list to be purchased AFTER NO SPEND WEEK! still FREE)
  • for lunch we passed up the B&N coffee shop & the Farmer's Market. drove ALL the way home for left over sloppy joes & fresh pot of coffee (FREE)
  • decided id rather a cappucino...yet needed a milk frother. since it's no spend week i couldn't purchase one. tried to froth my own milk in a skillet with a whisk. NO BUENO...added coffee frother to my shopping list. (FREE)
  • for dinner i realized we only have half a gallon of milk & 6 eggs left. we are not close enough to the end of NO SPEND WEEK so i started to ration. wont even tell what we ate,  but oh a neighbor did give us all a FREE slice of watermelon. put eggs & milk on my shopping list. (FREE)
  • the girls are doing fantastic with the challenge surprisingly. mama is the one struggling not to spend. 3 has become quite the NO SPEND WEEK enforcer! & good thing because i need the reminder everytime i say "i NEED..."  & i still have 4 long hard days left. i need to stay strong & focused. game face on. i can do this!

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