Thursday, August 12, 2010

our "living" kitchen countertop lab

:: among other things GOOD things are always growing in our "living" kitchen countertop lab ::

sprouted sweet potatoes kitchen lab project. going into the garden soil soon.
sprouted beet kitchen lab project for the garden soil soon also.
soaking cranberry beans. headed to the crock pot soon.
3's new friend Crickety lives in the lab in his travel habitat. he's a great travel companion, but a quiet & boring study so far.
dear Mr. Crickety. notice he's missing a leg...that's how she decided he was special enough to spare feeding to her tree frogs.  
a betta...always the "living" kitchen counter lab staple.
this little clipping is from my neighbors plant. it is growing fresh (strong) white roots.   always so exciting when these plant clipping experiments start in our kitchen counter lab, actually grow & flourish as a beautiful new plant.
look hard. can you spot the fresh & exciting new white root?

not shown, among other things, were the dirt-in-a-cup (for some reason) experiment, art projects in progress, the delish fresh veggie Mexican pizza fixings we havent cleaned yet, OR my ever present sorting pile. 
BUT hopefully now you do see that the stuff on our kitchen counter is not ALL just clutter. some are actually  very necessary & important scientific experimentations!!! riiiight!

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