Friday, March 16, 2012

current love...{fantastic bargains}

totally need a break from talking about u-know-what (homeschooling)
a fun post of some of my fave subjects 
* yes & Target*
one of the local horse stables was having a fundraiser & offering a 20 % discount on this particular day.
 i got this super cute, warm & cozy Eddie Bauer wool sweater for $3.98!!!
 it has quickly become one of my new faves!
i haven't been doing too much thrifting
(no time lately & sorta on purpose because we are really trying to simplify (more later) & being super careful about bringing in more stuff aka clutter),
BUT! BUT! i have recently found some amazing finds at Target
 that i just could not resist!
super cute & bright spring flats for the girlies.
$7.48 each pair!!!
couldn't help it.
(in my defense i just HEAVILY purged our closets)
super cute nickel free jewelry
(which is all i can wear)
@ $5 or less each.
MUCH needed wardrobe sprucing.
the black pair of earrings in the second pic
i'm pairing with... 
i wanted these sooooooo badly the week before,
but when i got to the register i realized i brought the wrong size up
& i was too rushed to go back & get the correct size.
this week i went back not only were they on sale for $14.98 (originally $29.99),
 but this was the only pair left in my size!
to go with this $14.99 dress.
i didn't do a great job with the pic,
but the silver & black detail is amazing.
bad pic,
but the entire FAB outfit
...LESS THAN $40.
*happy girl*

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