Friday, March 9, 2012

running away. recharging batteries. my mama's house :)

brownsugarhoney via instagram

life has been CRAZY busy & these past few weeks.
Hubby has been working days, nights & out of town weekends.
i've been trying to keep up with everything...
girlies, house, never ending chores, yard, pets, homeschooling, mama taxi(the list is endless)...
with no break or support
& it has left me completely done & overwhelmed.
add a bad case of spring fever to top it all off...
so at the last minute i have decided to pack the girls up, run away from it all &
head on the long trip to the perfect place to recharge my batteries:
this post by Bianca pretty much sums it all up...
no matter what age, we all still need our mamas.

*post edit* ok so i thought things out a little further & decided to hang in there a few more weeks until spring break. i can do this.
we'll lighten up on the schoolbooks, let some other things go a little bit, find some local fun things to do (like the Balboa Park rummage sale this weekend) & spend 2 weeks away at spring break instead (part of it in SF with my sister, neice & nephew).
reality check.

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  1. There's nothing like mom...even all these years later. So glad that you are able to escape to her house with the girls. Have a wonderful, relaxing time.

    Wishing you sunshine & cheer!