Sunday, March 18, 2012

rainy-day-in-the-mood-to-create aka i got to paint!

finished product
*happy girl*
(terrible pic)
rainy-day-in-the-mood-to-create music

i was a little worried that this weekend cold, dreary, rainy weekend would send me right back into my grumpy slump.
but much to my surprise it did quite the opposite.
it stoked a (old & constant) yearning itch to create art!
i used to be very artistic & make a lot of art.
of course years ago in college, like everyone else.
& like a lot of other creative college kids i was "advised" to put the fun aside to pursue "serious" grown-up goals.
but this itch to express & create has never gone away.

i saw this guys shorts on the beach after our hike.
nothing special to look at but for some reason i LOVED them.
they reminded me of the natural elements we just hiked thru. yellow ocre sandstone, grey fog & pines, blue ocean water, black & red rock, soil, native many connections.
i asked the guy if i could take a pic of his shorts because i wanted to paint them.
& that was that...but 3 months ago.

Saturday, He left to work for the weekend.
 i had very little precious painting me time,
but i was so super determined. 
the girls snuggled up on the couch & turned on a movie.
i turned on some rainy-day-in-the-mood-to-create music: 
Zee Avi, Ernie Halter & Otis Redding on Pandora.
 i immediately got in my creative zone & found my stride.

i practiced with the colors & decided to brighten them up a bit. for some reason i couldn't help but adding more blue than grey. 
i'm think i may try painting it again with lighter colors & more grey, which i really do like...but maybe in the sunny summer.

seriously, i dont even know how to draw really anymore 
& even my painting skills are super rusty.
but ahhhh i could care less!
so there it is...nothing too fancy,
un-named & maybe even waiting for a frame.

i'm super happy with it,
& that finally,
even if briefly,
 i got to satisfy the creative itch in my soul.
*happy girl*...for now :) 

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