Monday, March 19, 2012

encinitas mini weekend beach vacay {day 2}

was a total accident. 
M left something at the beach the day before
& was pretty upset about it. 
there was a slim to none chance we were going to find it
& i was happy to replace it,
but she still wanted to at least try.
it's a short drive, couldn't hurt...ummm ok!
day 2 in our favie place! 
another beautifully sunny day
at Moonlight Beach
{happy place...happy girl}
 i got to do this (by my happy little self) for a few hours 
while the girlies did this...
i love Whole Foods...
but lunch on a sunny Whole Foods patio
  by the beach takes the cake!

delish little gluten free pizza.
my fave without red sauce.
i was such a happy girl to have pizza again. 
super cool artwork at the coffee bar.
we walked around & explored some shops after lunch.
this was a fun little art gallery full of local art.
another one of my new fave stores deserves its own post
(coming soon!)

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