Tuesday, March 27, 2012

weekending {bike. taproot. me. tidbits.}

oops! this was supposed to post Sunday!
i finally got to ride my bike!
with Him working every weekend & rain on top of it,
i haven't been able to make any group rides for months,
but this weekend He arranged his work schedule so i could get out there for a bit.
i didn't get to do the full 25 miles that i wanted,
but i was so happy with the 18 miles i did get to do.
the coffee shop at the coast is the 1/2 way break point.
we stop, get a little drink & chit chat.
i got a 4 berry smoothie with a soy protein boost.
*happy girl*

i've been WAITING!
i got my 1st eagerly awaited issue of
earlier in the week.
the girlies grabbed the mail & for a couple of days i didn't even know it was here until later in the week.
i saw it sitting open on the kitchen counter while K was reading it!
it is such a beautiful magazine!
it's surprisingly different in substance than what i expected, but in a very good way.
i got a few quiet minutes in the morning to enjoy a little bit of it with my cup of coffee.

it was another full weekend with many activities.
yes, the girls & i did projects, crafting, cooking & made some neat discoveries even,
but i wanted to share a few of my personal tidbits.
i'm always posting kid/family stuff
(which honestly i need a break from),
it's nice when i get to focus a little attention on myself
& how i get to enjoy being me.
the last few weekends made me realize how necessary it truly is to take time to take care of me 1st sometimes.
& there aint nothing wrong with that.
i'm noticing i'm not the only mama needing some me time.

{tid bits}
*i finally got to sit down (fully distraction free) & watch
unbelievable both documentaries.
re-inforced alot of my food based decisions.

*one of my fave routines was starting every day with my fave news programs on NPR during my morning tea or coffee.
i think i just gave up because either i did not want to bum the girls out with what's going on in this crazy world.
& it was never quiet enough to listen anyway.
but they are older & more aware now & i can actually listen.
nice to be back to it. 

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