Saturday, March 17, 2012

encinitas mini weekend beach vacay {day 1}

grounded is one of THE coolest stores!
fab mod furniture & cool accessories PLUS they were playing one of my fave Jack Johnson songs as i walked in..
absolute dream for me...not so much for
a certain touch-y, bouncy, loud 6 1/2 yo.
but still super fun & i'm def going back alone! 
beach grub from the little organic cafe in the Lumberyard Shops that of course now i cant remember the name of ha!

later in the afternoon the girls & i walked a few blocks up from the beach for one of my favie treats.
her English accent alone makes me such a happy girl...
but add the fact that she was making me my favie organic latte on the planet! SWOON!
i used to be such a Starbucks girl until i had The Lofty Bean!
i love their delish coffee, their location 
remember this post last week when i went on totally overload freak out & almost ran away from home & reality? scary.
but then i kinda came to my senses & decided to put off running away until spring break.
 we still needed to get away from it all & take a mini weekend beach vacay instead.
the beach really is the only place besides mama's house that does the trick for me.
love that our favie beach town Encinitas & our favie beach Moonlight Beach is only a short 45 min drive from our house.
saturday morning the girls & i headed out,
but this time we explored on foot.
exploring local communities is one of my favie things to do, but
even though we go there all the time, we've never really leisurely strolled around & explored.
partly because we are always just so anxious to hit the beach & we end up spending the entire day in the water 
& partly because He HATES strolling, shopping, etc...
(GRUMPUS. so not fun!)
but this weekend He had to work.

can't even begin to describe how therapeutic it was for my entire being (all of us really) to get away from school work. chores. home. responsibilities. everything.
& just wandering around a new environment. meeting new people. being & breathing in the beach air.
yes of course our same reality was still here when we returned,
but this relaxing weekend made it so much easier to cope with it all. 

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