Friday, January 11, 2013

hello 2013...more unplugging & more enjoying.

warning: this post is a little long so grab a cup of tea, make yourself comfie  & enjoy!
this was last Friday.
the girlies happy little zombie faces were glued to their brand new handheld video games all day every day since they got them.
i was on the internet on various screens for hours doing my yearly bargain stock up shopping online along with trying to keep up with everything & everyone else online. bleh.
after breakfast the Saturday morning of our unplugged gadget/technology detox i lit a candle, poured some tea & sat in front of my kitchen window with a years worth of magazines i was always too busy to get too & began purging. peace.
i was EXTREMELY giddy when i came across this article about the Unplugging Lifestyle in Sunset Mag, January 2013 issue. YES! i didn't realize this unplugged-ness i was craving was an actual thing, like an actual movement! as much as i would love my entire household to be this unplugged, it's a dream. but as for myself i have no problems with & look forward to powering down.
love this quote "i think TV and internet and phones become such a time suck that people feel that they don't have time for anything else..." Corliss.
i also love this post Do You Ever Think About Breaking Up With Your iPhone. as much as i LOVE my iPhone, the novelty of my cool new iPhone has worn off (Phaby my phone baby as i named "her" when i 1st got her) & i've been having these EXACT same thoughts. realistically going back to a non-smart phone is also a dream. aside from being a phone (if you even dare call it that, i rarely use it as an actual phone), it has been a handy & sometimes necessary device ex: fab educational apps, paperless organizer (list maker, calendar, alarm, reminders), being able to look up directions or recipes immediately, answer questions or important messages immediately, take photos & work sample etc...esp all on the go.
BUT i limit the amt of apps, games, etc & as a result i have the most boring iPhone ever. i have become disciplined with the amount of time i spend on it & about putting it on the charger in the closet, in the gadget basket during the day & checking it only a few times.
& i also love this post Does Your Life Need A Good Edit? (timely as i have spent the last month purging, cleaning & getting tons more done in general, but i applied it to technology too).  
don't get me wrong, i think technology is fascinating, very useful & even necessary at times, but i HATE having a lot of it, depending on it (except my GPS!) always being connected, accessible, or having a electronic device or screen of some sort in front of my face or in my hand (my poor wrist).
i also love connecting with, keeping in touch & seeing what's going on with everyone online all in one place, especially since i live so far away. BUT i've learned that i just cannot keep up with every single status update, tweet, IG pic (& liking them all), each pin on pinterest, blog posts, etc. & for me just TRY is super anxiety producing let alone time sucking. nor do i feel the need to share each of my life's details or thoughts etc with i don't anymore. & also i now don't allow myself to feel guilty about being a bad friend (cyber or real life)'s just impossible & its ok.
a few days before i started the hello...2013 posts i considered shutting this blog down for good. i'm too busy, there are sooo many other ways to share, i had bloggie writers block blah blah blah...maybe i was just done.
but then i came to a few conclusions:
*i'm just not a consistent blogger & never will be. that's that & that's ok (no pressure).
*i will no longer doing super long detailed homeschooling work sample posts. they take forever & i never looked forward to them. it's much faster to print out a pic & do a handwritten write up. easy.
*this is just going to be my little space to share whatever. i love this the most. posting whenever i want, whatever i want & not what i don't.
*i'm just gonna enjoy my little bloggie with my few followers & my few regular readers that drop in from time to time (according to the stats)...& I THANK YOU ALL!
here's to more unplugging & to more enjoying.
if that makes any sense.


  1. Cheers! This is whay I encourage get togethers and hand written letters and community ( in person) The internet/technology has hijacked so much, including peoople's intra/interpersonal skills ( I always mix them up) but you get what I'm saying. People don't want to TALK anymore, or meet. Great post! Love ya cousin!

  2. Sounds like you have a good plan. Good luck with the unplugging and thank you for linking to my post. Tricia