Friday, January 4, 2013

hello ride. rock.

in August i got running shoes for my anniversary.
FINALLY time to get back to it after over 2 1/2 years off due to a knee injury. this time i had the shoes & insoles custom fitted. i've always been a New Balance girl but i am a Mizuno convert!
what a difference with the custom fitting & new brand, they are heaven...not to mention gorgeous!

i've slowly worked my way back to it, making sure i baby my knee!being a runner had become my identity & i'm so happy to be back to my passion. i am pleasantly surprised that my cardio is still way better than i expected & my knee is tolerating a fair amount of impact & distance, but im trying not to push too much too fast! 

i even joined an indoor soccer league, played my 1st game, scored a goal with my bad self & LOVED it. immediately after i came down with nasty chest yucks that also felt like i had the flu everyday & it lasted 3 months! sidelined & bummed again for a bit...

still hubby & i ran a 5k Turkey Trot in November that we had planned with friends months in advance. it was his 1st race ever, my 1st since my knee injury & our 1st race together! it was sooo awesome to do it together! i struggled thru it with my chest yucks (sparing the details) but ending up finishing way better than i expected. around the same finishing time as when i was fit & training & ran my 1st TT a few years before & only 2 places below in my age group ranking...not that it matters, i'm just saying... 
not too shabby & a good confidence booster! 

ok so i got 1 bike ride in. 
as in 1 ride in for the entire year of 2012.
ok wait maybe 2 actually but still terrible.
i miss my bike! i really need the cross training for my knee.
but i never get to ride grrr!
during the girls soccer season my time is completely sucked up .
this year we coached 2 teams & with practices, games on weekends (Saturdays are ride days), homeschooling, & other life activities (horseback lessons, church, etc) time.
& of course when soccer season ended the rainy season began & the rides cancelled.

BUT there is plenty of time before next soccer season, it can't rain every Saturday & no more excuses!

hello 2013.
i have some fitness goals set for myself & these are a few of them.
i plan on rocking them so i really hope we can work together.
(no announcements yet, but i'm pretty excited for myself!)
ps i guess i should also mention that yes i extended my gym membership again & yes have yet to used it. blah. i absolutely HATE HATE HATE working out indoors. kills me especially when where i live is in such abundance of natural beauty, fab weather & clean air! BUT i need to add weights & vary the impact of running on my knee with the elliptical trainer (which is my fave).
so i'm going to trying to make myself go, but am making no promises & there will probably be some pouting. boo.

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