Thursday, January 24, 2013

nest notes {weekending}

cute new iPad cover & a hot mug of green tea.

i have a grey kinda boring screen cover flap thing but excited i found this super cute iPad carrying case. It's cushy, has compartments inside for all the little accessories i always worry about losing, a ring for keys & is already the color of dirt. LOVE & just in time for a little road trip test. hubby & the brownsugars are in a wedding this weekend & we are hitting the road. i'm happy my little iPad will be traveling in style as well as being doubly protected.

i've been super fatigued the last few weeks & thought i must be coming down with something. then i dawned on me that with this cold weather i was drinking more coffee than usual. which for me was only one small cup (not huge mug) but the problem was it became daily. coffee & me are an odd pair. sometimes & i never know when but it makes me instantaneously feel like i have taken a sleeping pill. weird.

i used to only drink green tea, but now sometimes i just really like the taste of coffee & usually only drink it during the winter. but the taste is really about it...i don't NEED it. i still love tea the most though. tea makes me feel so much better & doesn't have any of the crazy affects that coffee has on me. so, two days later coffee free & some extra self care, just in case & i'm getting back to good.

ok so...yes goodbye to coffee & yes i am rambling when i should be packing.
ok bye.


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