Thursday, January 17, 2013

weekending. north park & the big bay.

1.12.2013. North Park SD & The Big Bay.
"let's get a coffee...but in North Park!"
on Saturday we felt like exploring & taking a little day trip 45 mins away in San Diego. it's so nice to be able to just hop in the car & go with minimal prep! we hung out in North Park with a little bit of Hillcrest mixed in. after cruising around & grabbing a coffee shop treat (coffee for me & hubby & blended caramels for the brownsugars) we drove around areas of Balboa Park we were not familiar with to people watch & looking at the fab houses in our fave neighborhood behind it.
afterwards we wandered around The Big Bay. it was late by the time we got there & all of the attractions were closing. it was so windy & FREEZING by the water, the brownsugars were getting uncomfortable (brrr!!!) & starting to meltdown. but still i loved that it was a beautifully brisk winter-y day by the water which we don't get here very often. we enjoyed it overall & cannot wait to go back to the museums. as we were walking back to our car a lobster fisherman was weighing in his catch & he was so excited to give the girlies a little lobster lesson..he was such a character!
we moved to Southern California about 6 years ago. the 1st few years we spent the same amount of time living in both our new home here & our old home (6 hours away). hubby was also working long hours & weekends between both places. we've done some local exploring, but haven't really done enough in my book. now we have more time & the brownsugars are older also which makes exploring easier.
there is so much to do & see here even just with in 30 minutes to an hour & tons we have yet to see, so we will be doing plenty day trips. i love traveling & with less planning, packing, driving, etc...i think living here as a tourist will be an easy, economical & exciting way to explore new things & have lots of family fun!
ps late post...pix took 3 days to upload?!?! grrr!

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