Tuesday, February 9, 2010

busy bees in the kitchen

     what a busy day we bees had in the kitchen today! we had a lovely family breakfast this morning. He made the girlies french toast sticks smeared with cream cheese and drizzled with honey on top. a spoonful of peanut butter to suck on. topped it all off with fresh blackberries and blueberries. i chose a bran & raisin muffin, plain french creamline yogurt, berries, and a cup of hot green tea. as the girls finished their breakfast i read the 5 chinese brothers, to introduce our school day.
my busiest little worker bee

     3 and I started our cooking day by making pumpkin apple butter to preserve while the big girls revised their creative writing masterpieces & spelling.  a few days ago 3 started with the inevitable color mixing questions. "what do you get when you mix red & blue ?" etc...we were out of watercolors...SO next we moved onto making  homemade fingerpaints
(color jellies)  for learning color mixing.
     the big girls were amazed that they were having more fun fingerpainting at this age eventhough they havent since preschool. They were still fully absorbed in their work long after 3 was done.

     while the color jellies cooled  we experimented with creating our own body products.  we made a tea tree body oil that works for not only 1's changing skin, but for all over everyone's bodies. we also mixed up different batches of body scrubs.  one scented with orange & patchouli and the other  lavender.  of course us girlies couldnt go without a mini pampering session to test our new product line. our skin glowed and thanked us.
happy smiles from the hive
loved experimenting with this sunset mag recipe
    found this book of recipes at the library and i love it so far.
     since the rain was hanging heavily in the clouds, i quickly threw on a pot of hummingbird nectar to refill the hummingbird feeders since the stove was still hot. our persistent little buzzy friends  EXPECT their sugary sweet nectar to be there especially in the rain. and visit often as a reminder that the feeders need to be refilled. i oblige of course because we are happy to have them in our windows.
     finally in the kitchen ::  tonights dinner. i used my more than amazing magic bullet to whip up a batch of arugula walnut pesto & creamy aioli to spread on our rustic bread for sauteed portabello sammies. i buttered and toasted the bread. let the bread cool while the portabellos sauteed in garlic, butter, olive oil, red wine and soy sauce. i then spread the bread tops with the aioli, bottoms with the pesto. layered mozz, mushrooms, red leafed lettuce, tomato, and  red onion. served with steamed asparagus. VIOLA! now im just waiting for the dish fairy to visit the kitchen from this messy busy kitchen day.

tasted WAAAAAAY better than it looks!  Funky the gorilla agrees.

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