Saturday, February 6, 2010

feeling right again

this week came with good news. news i've been waiting for. after almost a month off, i get to put my feet back where they feel right. i get to wear THESE beauties for the purpose they were created. i get to run again! my life long dream was always to be a runner. a serious runner. i've now been running about 10 years off and on between having babies. each time i'd start, get into it, then have to stop...and for way too long.  recently i started running in races.  my first race the girls and i did the Oceanside Turket Trot in November.  next i did a Hangover 5K the day after New Years and the San Diego Resolution Run 10K in January. my running just started getting good again. my new found stride resulted in an abundance of energy and drive. i was getting faster, logging 20 miles most week, adding distance, finally becoming a "REAL" runner. finally feeling right.
     this all changed during my last race. things just weren't right. on top of being ill, my body just wasn't comfortable or function properly . i  already commited to the race with a friend, thought it was nothing...and ran anyway. the run was already torture no where near the finish line. i soldiered thru. struggled the entire time, but still managed to come within minutes of my expected time. im good right? i knew better. this was one of those times i  should have listened to my wonderfully created body and what it needed my to hear. but no! afterwards...i was sidelined. i have been bothered with my sciatic nerve since my 3rd pregnancy...and it was back to haunt me.  it was now affecting the strength in my leftside and wrecking my knees.  so this new found superstar had to take a break.
      yesterday came with freshly renewed hope. i went to a new chiropractor, who is also a runner. i was pumped when he said the last thing he wanted me to do was stop running! but  man was i in for it. first he tested, he evaluated, he bent, he torqued, he stretched, he even sent electric currents thru my extremities. he dug into the exact muscles, pressed nerves, and weaknesses that were causing the loss of strength in my leftside. he located the numb spots (i didnt know i had) due to pressure on nerve spots in other body parts. he found things that were mislodged and thoroughly out of whack in my neck and spine. he pushed against muscles that didnt even bother trying to resist. he identified places that should move, but stubbornly would not.
        he stretched and torqued my body in such oddly amazing positions which gloriously opened my body in places that i never experienced "opening".  as he continued to message, rub, prod  i let his fingers work while i soaked it all in. l i t t l e did i know he was just buttering me up. whoamygoodness! i have NEVER had an adjustment like this. his instructions were to take a deep breathe and on the exhale he adjusted. have mercy! i have never heard the sounds of such bone chilling deep cracking while things were popping back into where they forgotten they should have been. i truly wonder how long they were out of their place. some spots he put almost his full body movement.  eventhough it felt like a punishment at the time, it was all well worth enduring. after the adjustment he re-tested some of my weakened spots, surprisingly, there was a little fight. hope. some pressure had been relieved. it also meant the problems were fixable, and we were headed in the right direction. i still have some work to do, but now i can run  my heart out. but more importantly, i feel right again.

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