Friday, February 26, 2010

fun with food and grandma part 2

not only did the girls surprise Grandma on her visit, she had a breakfast surprise for them Sunday morning. 3 makes countdown charts for any upcoming event she cant wait for. it helps with the : when is grandma coming ?  is grandma coming today? is her plane here? without any reminders she diligently starts every morning with marking off her chart and a full progress report.  she checks it often thru out the day to count and remind herself.

 the girls woke up in the morning to this red & pink surprise.

complete with pink chocolate chip pancakes

checking out all the goodies

handmade placemats from dinner the night before 

freshly squeezed oj from our grove

this heart is mine

 heart shaped pink chocolate chip pancake cuties ala Grandma 

daddy's plate. english muffins with sweetened ricotta, fresh berries. his is missing the delish  freshly made vanilla whipped cream.

ahhhhhh there's the whip. makes all the difference.

happy campers

the end of the visit photo. Grandma, 1,2,3. we all  thoroughly enjoyed our surprise filled visit.

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