Sunday, February 28, 2010

sweet bike love & heartshaped rocks

ok so real the truth comes out. while His mother was here she offered to babysit so He and i could go on a date. just what this mama had been craving. yes the girl's surprise dinner was fantastic. and yes the pink pancake breakfast was a special treat. BUT  this special time spent with my bestfriend,   was my FAVE part of her visit. 
He and i  loaded up our bikes and rode 14 scenic miles to the beach. this ride was my first real road ride on my bike. i was absolutely terrified in the beginning... like panic attack terrified. i was doing almost all the things i feared : riding in public, shoe clip timing, riding along other embarrassingly AWESOME cyclist, and my biggest fear :: descending. BUT my sweet was as awesome a coach as he is a man.  and who better? he's was very patient, positive, understanding, encouraging and not at all condescending. exactly what i needed to grow my confidence and  to begin to fully rock.

what IS that written all over our faces? (more like what is that ALL over our teeth? dang camera)

me & my handsome date

this is Ms. Blanca Madone. she's gorgeous & i love her. eventhough i'm convinced she is secretly out to kill me.

beach + bike equals love...well anything plus beach equals love for this mama

this is me working on number 9 of my resolute post :: this year i become a cyclist.

awwwww even our bikes love each other

i collect heartshaped rocks. when we go to the beach i immediately go on my hunt. of course the day i couldn't collect them,  was the day there were TONS on the shore.

heart-ish shaped. gotta look hard. maybe squint a little...but i see it.

another one that got away.

He and i are truly thankful we got to enjoy this special chance to be together, reconnect,  and  to strengthen our friendship and love for each other. very refreshing.

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  1. i loved this post when you wrote it and love it again now, i found an awesome heart shaped piece of coral for ness in fiji and she has it on her desk at work...

    cool road bike too and very brave having the clip in pedals as well! i was scared of mine at first, but would never go back now!