Wednesday, February 17, 2010

weekend treasure

often im lucky to have treasured weekends like these. hours of reading in the sunshine. on the courtyard, back patio, out in the grove, on the beach. i recently finished Peony In Love and enjoyed it much to my surprise. im not a romance story girl, but weave in  ancient china, ghosts life & love in the i'm  interested.  the girls and i had not to soon before studied ancient china so i found it very fitting and even more relevant.

i just began reading While I Was Gone and  for some reason im hooked. i spent three sunny straight hours  reading it out on the courtyard sunday. getting closer to the characters...identifying.  refilling my cup of chai over and over. im now almost half way thru. im truly appreciative  for days like these. i have developed a deeper love of reading as a form of meditation and soulfood.  and we all know mama's definately need these times of escape. a short time in full immersion of somewhere else someone else...eventhough we are exactly in the place we are supposed to be.

*read any good  books lately?

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