Monday, February 22, 2010

Food Fun with Grandma part 1: Great Grandma's Kitchen Cafe

Last weekend (Valentine's Weekend) His mom came to visit us for the first time in our current home. In the fall of 1998 She and Her daughter made this cookbook of Her mother's  favorite recipes as a family gift following Great Grandma death. The girls discovered the recipe book and wanted to make the visit a little more special by surprising Grandma with a dinner using  recipes of their choice from the cookbook. 

Little sisters making Great Grandma Caramel Butternut Cake

The cookbook recipe



1 busy making the menu. Dinner consisted of More Casserole, Aunt D's Cornbread, and Caramel Butternut Cake.

Our dining room was transformed in to Great Grandma's Kitchen Cafe for the evening. Heartshaped placemats and handpainted plates.

I made this little sign the night before
Head Chef Mama and my cute little helpers

SUCCESS! Grandma was surprised and the girls were very proud of themselves.

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