Tuesday, July 6, 2010

first furry clients

the girlies are always being asked to pet sit, so they finally decided to start their own business. they had three sitting jobs lined up before we could even get our fliers out. so far they have sat doggies, bunnies, kitties, lizards, & chickens. even though they charge very minimal fees they are enjoying the experience of responsibility,  the fun of having different critters visit & most importantly returning them to their home. I'll admit that's the mama's favorite part.

first furry clients

Pedro THE sweetest bunny in the world! so friendly &  he was such a joy to have visit our home (EXCEPT the tinkle & toodle accident on my couch that made me have to wash the dang cushions) I'm kinda in love...OK more than kinda. he's so stinkin' cute & fun especially compared to our very UNsnuggly bunnies, that don't even like to be held anymore. meanies.

Pedro's sweet "sister" Cassie. boy does this girl love to be held & cuddle, don't let those spikes fool you. she loves to watch TV AND she knows her name. our beardie Zoingo...not so friendly! meanie.

of course as it goes, mama does alot of the helping out & gets paid the least, but the girls are learning valuable lessons & gaining an entrepreneurial spirit that i hope will stick with them thru out their lives. & yes the little extra spending money...I'll admit that's the mama"s favorite part.

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