Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friends & Family Outdoor Movie Night

last night we showed another Friends & Family Outdoor Movie Night. we had plans to do them more often, but this has been a strange summer & it just hasn't been working out. we had a few first time guests last night & after much deliberation, we let them choose the movie. Kung Fu Panda...THEY CHOSE WELL!

 young & not as young, were all completely entertained. i laughed out loud several times.
(jack black is always
 H I L A R I O U S !!!)
other movies we have shown outdoors are ::
  • Robots (awesome)
  • Night At The Museum (kids enjoyed it) 
  • Journey To The Center Of The Earth (great) 
  • Sherlock Holmes (FANTASTIC, but older crowd)

our first movie night we made s'mores, this movie everyone brought their fave toppings & we made ice cream sundaes. i swear when i sent out the invite it was 90 degrees...last night it was freezing of course.  i was being miss busy hostess & did not get many pix, but this looks pretty close. we had crushed oreos, hot fudge, dark chocolate, caramel, magic shell, nuts, sprinkles, fresh peaches, cup cakes, & whip.
 all kinds of yummies.

friends & puppy dogs socializing & settling in their spots. enjoying warm drinks :: chocolate, cider, coffee as the sunsets

as it darkens we all snuggle up in sleeping bags & warm layers


moi , a dear friend & his sweet grandaughter

anxious friends with big smiles because the movie is minutes from starting

  Friends & Family Outdoor Movie Nights are part of what are making up our sweet summer memories & hope to remain a summer tradition. we all seem to agree that movies shown outdoors on a big screen, under twinkling stars, surrounded by nature (owl & bats flying thru the night sky), in fresh air, (last night was also a full moon), in warm jammies, all snuggled in a sleeping bag, surrounded  by the blessing of dear friends is magic. especially with friends who share their  favorite ice cream toppings! (thanks friends!)

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  1. Thanks again Debbie. We all enjoyed every bit of it (food, friends, fun, ...oh, and the movie)!