Wednesday, July 7, 2010

edward's theater free family film festival & the girlies

yesterday i took the girlies to the edward's cinema free family film festival.we have been going for years to the free movies tues & weds during the summer. it's a fun family atmosphere (meaning crying babies & kids are allowed to talk), you can bring in your own snacks & not worry about those grumpies who don't appreciate kiddie-ness during a movie. ooooh & air conditioning! they show a G & PG movie each day, check the schedule for the showings in your area. they usually show all the ridiculous movies i REFUSE to pay to see in the theater.

yesterday we saw kit kittredge. an american girl story set in the great depression. her story paralleled stories of many (some close) in our current economic times. it was a great story about hard times, loss, adapting, & strength in community. great lessons to learn & discuss.

we LOVE going to the movies in the theater...ESPECIALLY free movies in the theater.
of course they had to do the american girl doll thing & dress to match their dolls

2 & vanessa

3 & sophie
free family fun...what these times seem to be about :)

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