Wednesday, July 21, 2010

5 languages of love

i ordered this book & as soon as it arrived in the mail i took a break from my other books to read it. im so glad i did. it all started when i  happened upon this quiz. i found out my two primary love languages are quality time & physical touch. which when pointed out, i found both described me fully! the book was a very quick read.  everything was presented so simply & made so much sense. i could not put it down. i highly recommend to anyone who is married or in a long term commited relationship. you will definately learn something about yourself, your loved one, how to speak each others love languages, & how to fill each others love tank (love that one HA!)

of course then i had to order these two. can't wait to analyze & figure out each of my girlies. i definately see parenting & communicating in the way they experience love being very effective. as will loving them in the language that fills their love tank.

to find yours or your loved ones primary love languages take the quiz here. you may be amazed, affirmed, yet pleasantly suprised. one interesting point brought out in the book is that we usually show love in the ways we want someone to show love to us (do unto others!)...YET if that is not their love language it's like speaking a foreign language & they may not be experiencing it as a show of love. and besides it's just plain fun...but be careful you will be hooked & want to buy the book to find out moi.