Tuesday, July 27, 2010

first ever girlpowered camping in the Sequoias day 3

  almost all too soon & in some ways not soon enough, day 3 of our girl powered camping trip in the Sequoias arrived (only one more post about this trip i promise!).  that meant the bittersweet end of our girlness emacipation. as much as we were dying to return home to see Daddy & sleep in a real bed...we didn't want to leave the MOST beatuiful place we've ever seen or the best trip we've had to date. here is day 1  &day 2.

our big group. many thanks to our family who did the planning.

August would not leave this particular cousin's side then entire trip. cute little buddies!

us girlies by the rushing Kings River.

Kai became quite the hiker on this trip. she even navigated a search & rescue operation for some wayward teens.

well then Miss Mia why don't we just do that!

hugging trees as instructed by Miss Mia. i wish i counted how many cousins it took to span this tree trunk base.

Mia means my little brave & mighty. & just look at her!

Auntie E too the rescue! our only dramatic little mishap on the trip. i for sure thought our camp drama would involve a bear or moose or something else wild, furry & with lot's of big teeth , but this moment will have to do.  it was someone's first time lighting the stove fire. thank goodness for Auntie E's swift reaction, because i needed to take the picture.

we stopped at a stoplight on the drive home & this is was we saw in the backseat.

now of course our trip couldn't just end without some learning. NO WAY! in post 4 i'll show you what i mean.

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