Saturday, July 3, 2010

Le Tour de France :: my MOST anticipated event of the year


the only thing on TV i HAVE HAVE HAVE to watch

i stayed glued for as many stages i can.
this tour my eyes are on:

the veteran warrior machine with everything to prove (longtime fan. could watch lance armstrong ALL day everyday, doing whatever *sigh*)

the self serving spainard with beautiful eyelashes & also everything to prove
alberto contador

of course the drama & rivalry that overshadows the entire race

the cute & amazing scheleck brothers

 cant forget the hope of suprise & possibility in Fabian Cacellara

viva le tour!!! 

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  1. Hello Deb!!! I finally found you:):) I have missed you soo much!! Loved reading thru your family blogs...just had a big laugh when I read 'what you just had to watch on TV' Le Tour!!!!! Me too!!