Monday, July 26, 2010

first ever girlpowered camping in the Sequoias day 2

our summer camping was so amazing our summer is still being defined by it.  our first ever tent camping, first ever BIG no daddy trip & THE trip where us girls gained, tested & proved our she-woman independence, self reliance & all around kickbutt-ness (ok other fam was there too, BUT...) we decided to go BIG & emancipate ourselves in the Sequoia National Forest. day 1 
 i do hate that these trip post are so spread out, so looong  & not done!  BUT there are sooooo many pix to sort thru & details i want to share, but as not overwhelm i will save some for our family scrapbook :)

no matter how often a visitor, experiencing the majestic beauty of the Sequoia National Forest is so breathtaking & awe-inspiring even in the minutest of details. in wanting to capture all the sights & sounds i found it easy for all our trip pix to be of each & every tree, plant, river, natural wonder, mountain, vista, tree, tree & more trees. alas i edited my pix... i will contain myself.

5 am potty break (freezing cold)

i finally fell asleep around 3am. 3 had to go potty around 4am. i bundled us up, stepped out with my flashlight to do a "bear check", tripped on my tent door lip & fell on a rock. the tent next door asked if i was ok..."I'll be fine until daylight!" was my reply. couldn't feel my arm or hands at that point & decided i didn't need too in my sleep or the pitch dark & beyond freezing wilderness anyway! (found out a month later by my Physical Therapist that i actually  injured it!) ok so got cozy enough to sleep again & tried thru the suffering (arm started throbbing).  5am 2 & the ENTIRE tent next door took a group potty trip to the actual facility...& yelled good morning to us in our little (quiet) tent on their way. HAVE MERCY & FORGET SLEEP so... we just got up & joined K by starting the day with breakfast, a much appreciated fire & coffee. 

the iconic "Marshmallow". i HAD to add this pic. i wish i was this cool! i totally want a VW BUS, Westfalia,  Eurovan etc... this is K's & he built a bed in the back...he spends A LOT of time in the mountains. us novice campers learned from his mountain man savvy.

hmmmm i spy a not-so-happy camper?

us girls by the raging Kings River.don't know if you can see in this pic, but on day 2 the i-miss-my-daddy-home-pets-own bed-blues hit one of us girls pretty hard. right before this we talked to Him on the janky pay phone that after 5 minutes asked for more coins to get 3 more minutes, only to give us another minute & 5 seconds. after about $5 we gave up. our only contact with Daddy for 3 days & it was very frustrating because we didn't get to say anything.

the Kings River flowed along our campsite & was rushing, raging & swollen due to the snow melting. it was ABS FAB but very dangerous even at the shore. the power of the river was such an amazing & captivating sight...all God's force & fury unleashed. we were mesmerized, but cautious. thankful too it was so LOUD it drowned out all the nighttime outdoor nature-y sounds.

cousins playing the game CAMP (LOVE! more next post)

we now consider this the absolute best way to end any night anywhere.

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