Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'M SUCH A SUCKER!!!!!!!!!

ok...i know i said NO MORE PETS...BUUUUT they needed a home. yes i said they. sisters annnnd i couldn't bear to seperate them. they were the last two annnnd all snuggled up together annnnnd i was told they were bestfriends. my friend took the other brother annnnnd i was hoping she would come & get him AFTER i did because i didn't want to have to seperate the last two little babies. BUT guess what! SUCKERED!!!!  it is fun having two cute rather spastic baby in our home though.  poor Him...

meet noisy Miss Luna...

He likes that her moustache reminds him of someone (no not me! well, not right now anyways)


yup i see it. we got him to stop calling her Adolf, but now it's Charlie.


ok so as if one wasn't bad is Lovely. yes six-toed Lovely. she's the sweet cuddly one.

sweet little face

cute sweet girl

now how could a mama resist such sweet babies who NEED a home ? partial to sisters.

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