Friday, July 30, 2010

mama's littlest brownsugar baby turns 5

this month my littlest brownsugar beauty turned 5!!! unbelievable!

 it's kind of bittersweet place to be (for mama). her life purpose is to be a big kid. she spends endless energy & might trying to keep up with her big sisters. so in that sense I'm happy for her. big girlin' it at last. part of  3's last steps to big girlness according to her  ::

  • learning to read (check!)

  • using mouthwash (check!)

  • getting rid of training wheels (check!)

  • getting her own Razor scooter (check!)

  • starting schoolwork (check with gusto!)
so by her definition (& all others as far as I'm concerned, she's a big girl)


BUUUUUT now i have no more baby! which is also bittersweet :: no more diapers, nursing, night feedings, etc....on the other hand no more fat juicy babies, dreamy mama's milk drunk eyes, cute little toes, cute little lips, cute little bums ::  (still all the cute) but no more little anything! some of my mama's heart feels the want to bring another baby home. thank goodness though there are my practical mama parts that bring me back to my senses
 "relax mama. this day comes for ALL mama's of little sweet babies. it's supposed to, they can't stay little forever...go forward from here & enjoy this part of the journey too" *please make it stop*  

2's handmade surprises
2 worked on these gifts for 3 in her room, in private. surprised her & all of us.

this embellished can is even blingy-er in person!

2 is dying to learn to sew. she made this purse ALL BY HERSELF (even designed her own pattern). then tested it with a brick to see if it held up. so stinkin' cute!

 i was trying to show her hemming detail, she even turned & hemmed the pocket before she sewed it on.

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