Sunday, July 11, 2010

what us girls are reading

we are an allday everyday reading bunch of girls! & with much determined perserverance my 4 year old  now has the incurable reading bug with much gusto!

mama's reads ::

just finished Kite Runner a couple of months ago. i know you've read it several times by now. i was definately all into this book. amazing.

in summer i pick books that are about summer or the beach.'t my thing

swiss family robinson is currently under my nose. perfect for summer. light easy nostalgic read

eva luna is one of my all time faves. had my copy since college & haven't read it since then. decided to re-read to refresh my memory

so excited i just got this in from our friends of the library book store ($1)...i know you've already read & reread this one also

1 reads ALL DAY & ALL NIGHT! so hard to keep up with.

her current reads ::

i introduced her to one of my ALL time fave comics Calvin & Hobbes & she has become an instant fan

finally found a book that gives her some challenge. she reads Sherlock Holmes in bed at night...with a dictionary, pencil & notebook. good girl

2 reads when it interest her. cute horses, cute kittens, cute puppies, cute clothes, cute Taylor Swift, etc... currently interest her. at least she is reading :)

she got this from the library

3 is our newest reading girlie. & she reads any & everything she can find. some her current reads ::

easy confidence boosting series. she can read a entire book by herself!

we have been getting Ladybug since 1 was little. LOVE!

love Miss Fancy Nancy. she's so 3

& of course Miss Olivia

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